John Paul II Junior College

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish launched its first initiative in providing a Catholic post-secondary education in Benque Viejo del Carmen Belize and immediate surrounds with the opening of John Paul II Junior College on August 26, 2013. Since its inception, John Paul II Junior College has focused in providing a Liberal Arts program at the associate degree level to the people of Belize, especially the economically disadvantaged youth. Our current population stands at 29 full-time and 4 part-time students. The college operates with the aid of 8 missionaries who teach and have various administrative roles like Dean of Students, Marketing Director, Financial Advisor, Secretary, and Director of Student Activities.

After operating from two small classrooms in Benque Viejo for two years, we have relocated to our new campus in Chapel Hill with the first phase of construction works having been completed.

Two years ago, we embarked in the project to acquire an additional two acres of land adjacent to the college for the cost of $10,000 US. To date, through private donations and fund-raisers, we have been able to cover part of this payment. We still need to raise the additional $1,500 US needed to complete the full purchase of the land.

The next phase of contraction will be initiated after the purchase of the land. This expansion will provide more classrooms and space for class, student activities, events, a library, chapel and cultivate community and will come at an estimated cost of $280,000 US. We will have more details on future fundraising for this portion of the project.

In addition to the major costs associated with the land and building expansion, John Paul II Junior College is also in great need of a van of at least 12 passengers at a cost of $10,000 US. Other items we are looking to purchase are an oven, books, and various school supplies totaling around $5,000 US.
It is our hope that through your generosity, this request may merit your highest considerations. On behalf of faculty, staff, and student body of John Paul II Junior College, I wish to reiterate to you our sentiments of esteem and gratitude for your kind attention towards this request. At this time, we pray to raise $16,500 US.

God bless you,
Megan Janczak