Mission and Vision

The kingdom of God belongs to the children and the Children of the Lord Foundation will provide Performance Excellence to these children by continuously working with clergy leaders in Africa and USA together to successfully accomplish our vision and support each child’s continuous development. The development will include healthcare, food, clothing, and education. Children are 1/3 of the population and are our most valuable resource which we must invest in to see them succeed. Over time, the foundation for a high performance-oriented culture will develop in current poverty-stricken villages.

The Performance Excellence of the foundation is comprised of five elements which drive functional performance:

  1. Setting yearly goals that align with expectations.
  2. Create and discuss development programs for the children.
  3. Measure and monitor performance quarterly.
  4. Provide feedback for continuous improvement to all.
  5. Celebrate success with all.

Who We Are

Shatha Beauchamp
President & CEO
Delonda Adams
Vice President of International Programs