Children’s Education

Education Vision

To provide spiritual direction, love, educational and economic support to young people who face obstacles beyond their control to utilize their God given gifts in order to transform their lives thereby serving as inspirational or role models as well as giving back their services to bring a change in their families or communities.

Educational Goals

The goal of this program is to lower poverty by identifying and empowering gifted but financially challenged young people to make them the seeds of a spiral development so as to transform and change their families or society from a cycle of misery and deprivation.

In 2017: Select up to 5 students
In 2018: Select up to 10 students

Educational Strategy

  1. Find the right persons – young people who are living in poverty, who possess the right values, who will respond to help, and who have interest in helping their community.
  2. Develop customized development plans: Design customized educational and professional plans to help them overcome obstacles to their development. These plans take into consideration each individual’s interests, capabilities and ambitions

Launching Our 2017 Education Project

  • Become Inspired – Jesus said “ let the children come to me, and do not stop them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”
  • Our education project – what does it mean for you?
  • What to expect in the coming months
  • Evolving our culture to create lasting change within the Ashanti Region
  • A $200 donation supports tuition for one child, schoolbooks and uniform
  • Any support will HELP

Profile of Candidates

  • The candidates must demonstrate a clear vision of what they want to achieve professionally.
  • They should possess the intellectual and psychological ability to achieve their goals.
  • They must have tried and failed for reasons outside their control and must possess the resilience to persevere in spite of past failures.
  • They must demonstrate a great sense of religious passion.
  • They must possess the values of sincerity, hard work, positive ambition and perseverance.

Student Profiles

Robert Akwasi Boateng, 18, is a boy from Jamasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He belongs to a family of 5 and the dad has passed away several years ago. He has a strong desire to be an accountant or economist. He aspires to become a leader in his community to help the poor children financially to attain college education. He sees education to be the panacea to solve or reduce abject poverty in Ghana. He wishes to be a role model to his peers as well as the younger generation. He goes to college in the fall and $ 1,500.00 is needed to pay for all his tuition annually. We pray our charitable organization gets donations to help Robert to achieve his goal in the next 4 years in the college. Any amount is appreciated.

I am Wiafe Kwarteng Charles. I’m 20years of age, I’m tall, fair and slim. I come from Boamang but i reside at Bremang New York in Kumasi. I’m an shs graduate who completed Effiduase senior high last year. I’m a Catholic. My parents are Mr.Wiafe Thomas and Mrs.Wiafe Francisca.I have four siblings. It has ever been my aim since i was a kid to be a great lawyer in future but should incase my dreams of becoming a great lawyer fails, I also have awesome passion for teaching at the senior high sch level.

$1500 is needed for funding.

I’m Adebi Sarpong Juliana from Jamasi in sekyere south District in Ashmanti Region. I’m 23years of age. Am dark in complexion. My guidance are the late Mr Peter Addai and Mad Juliana Peprah. I started primary education at Jamasi Roman Catholic at Jamasi and my secondary education at Ad Gyamfi senior high in Jamasi. After then i want become a teacher.

$1500 is needed for funding.